SCS Delivery is a multifaceted courier agency with additional capabilities, including medical transport, mail delivery, storage, and freight and bulk delivery.

At SCS Delivery, we pride ourselves and keep our customers happy by providing consistent, excellent service.

Temperature-sensitive medical deliveries:

ambient, refrigerated, or frozen

Hot Shot Service:

urgent deliveries, which need to be there as soon as possible (call for a quote).

Freight or Bulk Delivery

Pick up at post office and deliver to the clients on a regular basis.

  • Our Team:

    All of our drivers wear uniforms and are extremely professional. Unlike some companies which use temporary workers, SCS Delivery employs our drivers, and maintains standards of professionalism, cleanliness, and promptness.
  • Our Fleet:

    SCS Delivery owns 45 vehicles, large and small, to meet your delivery needs. We use dry ice for frozen deliveries, and gel packs for refrigerated deliveries. Most of our vehicles are all-wheel drive for our ever challenging weather conditions.
  • Our Facility:

    Our facility is a state of the are warehouse, which is secured by an access-coded entry, barbed wire, and 24-hour video surveillance. We want our customers to know that their privacy and security is very important to us. Our fleet of vehicles is kept in the warehouse, as well as any documents or goods we store for our customers.

Our Core Spokane Delivery Area:

  • Downtown along Division Street,
  • The South Hill,
  • Sprague Avenue corridor from downtown to Spokane Valley

Our Extended Delivery Area:

  • Washington: Most of North Central and Eastern WA from Spokane to Ellensburg (call us)
  • Idaho:  Northern Idaho
  • Montana:  A very large portion of the state (Call us)
(Areas of coverage can be expanded with regular pickup requests…)

How we can meet your courier needs?