SCS Delivery is a versatile courier agency with many capabilities. We offer same-day and next-day services which meet our clients’ needs. We work with our customers to make sure we exceed their day-to-day expectations.

We serve the medical industry by transporting specimens, and we can ship them at the correct temperature. We offer same-hour delivery, and same-day delivery for urgent test results.

  • Specimen pickup and delivery
  • Medical laboratory shipments
  • Specimens can be shipped at Ambient, Refrigerated, or Frozen temperatures
  • STAT service (within 1 hour)

Our freight capability is big enough that we can quickly transport your goods where you need them. Our Hotshot delivery service will meet your needs for urgent transport.

  • Hotshot freight delivery
  • Available any time 24/7

Many of our clients use SCS Delivery to get their mail to or from the Postal Service. Hiring us saves your Office Staff valuable time each day.

  • Interoffice mail between multiple locations
  • Company mail
  • One-hour delivery
  • Same-day delivery

Our couriers transport legally sensitive documents, such as court documents or title documents, quickly and professionally. We offer same-hour and same-day delivery for urgent needs.

  • Hotshot delivery (within 1 hour)
  • Routine pickup and delivery
  • Same and next day delivery

SCS Delivery is bonded and insured to carry sensitive documents and currency between bank branches.

  • Bonded and Insured
  • Routine transportation of interoffice mail
  • Bank bags

Our secure warehouse is available to customers as needed. The facility is gated, key-code-accessible, and under 24-hour surveillance. We value our clients’ needs for security.

  • We are able to store goods and documents in our secure warehouse, if necessary.
  • Please call for availability and rates.

How we can meet your courier needs?